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Research Conceptualization

Grants(Tax Payer's money)

Research outcome & publication

Driving Innovation

  • Utlility of Tax payer's money
  • More citation & reputation
  • Unrestricted access to concurrent research
  • Comply with policies
  • Grants(Tax Payer's money)
  • Restricted Utility


    Global Impact


    Discovery acceleration


    Content right with publisher
    Restricted access to the reader
    Monetory benifites to the publisher
    Low citation due to lack of access
    Slow discovery progrees
    neither readers nor author(s) benifit

    Open access is a free wave of open data, where one will have the freedom to access necessary literature, whenever needed irrespective of geographical, financial affordability or cadre differences. OA facilitates anyone to read, download, copy, print, search, reuse and distribute the content encouraging a large readership and frequent citation to the author.

    The scholarly research published in OA will find its own purpose, being accessible to more users when compared with subscribed access, resulting in higher utility, increased visibility, justification for the grants supported the research, high impact, discovery acceleration and the reciprocal benefit to the society or to the taxpayers.

    Researchers, benefit from accelerated promotion of the their work and further impact, readers benefit from unrestricted access to the latest research and reuse. In turn OA espouses to non researchers also, by accelerating research and all the good that comes out of research, such as innovative technologies, informed decisions, solved problems, effective medicines, improved policies, etc. Thus, OA holds the key for discovery acceleration and the betterment of society.