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Pre- to Postsurgical Profile Changes Following Orthognathic Surgery and Their Perception in Professional and Patient Panels



Background: Controversy exists as to whether laypersons, professionals, and patients agree in their perceptions of facial attractiveness following orthodontic surgery.

Objective: To compare the pre- and postsurgical profile changes after surgical correction of prognathism and maxillary hypoplasia, as perceived by panels of orthodontists, maxillofacial surgeons, laypersons, and patients.

Materials and Methods. Each panel consisted of six males and six females who rated sets of pre- and postsurgical lateral photographs of 20 female and 20 male patients using a five-point scale. Patients rated their own set of photographs.

Results: Ratings of patients and panels revealed no significant correlations. Male orthodontists judging boys, female maxillofacial surgeons judging boys, and male laypersons judging boys and girls agreed more over the same adolescent than did the other raters. In the orthodontists’ group, female orthodontists’ scores were significantly lower than scores given by male colleagues. Older maxillofacial surgeons gave significantly lower scores than did their younger counterparts.

Conclusion: The results of this study suggest that laypersons’ assessments are more like those of orthodontists’ and maxillofacial surgeons’ panels than those of the patients’ group. Hence, findings in the laypersons’ panel cannot be transferred without concerns for patients. Information gathered from this study might support the cooperation of the medical staff and might assist in treatment planning. 



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