Billions of neurons, trillions of synapses. They generate, interpret, transmit, integrate and store information. Synapses and neurons result in circuits that, as a whole, produce complex behaviors such as cognition. Neuroscience is the well known branch of medicine that studies the nervous system, brain and behavior in their functional or diseased state, which will help in the understanding of the physiological, psychological or anatomical functions of different regions of the brain or nervous system. Rehabilitation deals with the restoration of good health of an individual. In the event of serious disability or the spinal injury or brain damage, neurorehabilitation plays a very crucial role to come up and to deal with unexpected social, occupational, lifestyle changes. This relatively novel and complex therapeutic process assists to recover or minimize or compensate the functional alterations resulted from a nervous system injury. Hence neuroscience and rehabilitation go hand in hand and provide complete understanding of the disorder, diagnosis, treatment or care to the patients. Advancements in neuroscience and rehabilitation throughout the past decades flourish to establish innovative methods, therapies and approaches resulted in tremendous progress.

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