Focus and Scope

‘Journal of Neonatal Medicine and Pediatrics’ focusses on publishing the articles on medical care, diagnosis and treatment of premature infants, neonates, children and adolescents. The journal publishes articles falling within the scope of neonatal and pediatric relevant aspects like newborn evaluation, prematurity, low birth weight, birth asphyxias, intrauterine growth retardation, congenital defects, complex surgical problems, sepsis, and recent advancements in neonatal intensive care. Pediatric allergy, Immune system development, physiological or pathological conditions, general infections, genetic variance, child nutrition, developmental and behavioral issues. Adolescent medicine, child abuse pediatrics, pediatric critical care, studies related to treatment based on the body size differences as the smaller body of an infant or child is physiologically different from that of an adult.

The manuscripts can be submitted via the journal’s online submission system or as an email attachment to